Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Voices: The Ife issue - Call For Submissions

We were taught in elementary school that a noun is a name of a person, place or thing. Ancient, medieval and contemporary literature has encouraged lots of conversations around persons and things, but hardly places.  Yet places have marked the backbone of every narrative, every art, every work of literature, and in a lot of ways it has been left there- at the back. Voices is picking up places and making it the core of our tale.

Voices is an anthology of contemporary art and literature emerging from Africa, yet not promoting only Africa or African voices. Voices is interested in exploring every single place that makes up our world. It is a curious work, determined to reveal places and the lives they consist. The world is one global place, and is made up of smaller places called continents, which is made up of smaller places called countries made up of smaller cities and towns. 
Thus, we want to showcase the various places that make the world a global village.

‘Voices’ is as it is called is a conglomeration of voices from a place, be it a region, town, country or county. The voices are unique, stemming from various notions and interpretations of different people on this particular place. The anthology places its interest on places rather than ideas or abstract nouns. For us, places reveal people, places have a life of their own that we want to show the world.

Voices welcomes submissions of all kind and is opposed to stereotypical writing or art. We want something dynamic, uncommon and unusual that tells the true story of a place without sugar-coating, yet with clarity on as many sides to the story as are reasonably expected.

The Ife Issue

Oduduwa Park Ile-Ife 
Ile-Ife is an ancient Yoruba town in Southwestern Nigeria, Osun State. Also known as Ife, the town is renowned for its place in Yoruba folk myth as the traditional home of Yoruba civilization and doubles as a holy city of humankind. It boasts of art and culture and rich history that stands it out as one of the most desirable archaeological sites in Southwestern Nigeria. These exquisite characteristics of the small city peppered with mysteries ignites the interest to debut this anthology with this place- Ife.

We are accepting submissions from all over on the theme of ‘Ife’. We believe in the concept of borderlessness, that everyone can talk about every place, especially through art and literature, and we want to reach every one in every place with the stories and pictures and arts of Ife as well.

All submissions must explore, reveal and / or revolve around the place ‘Ife’. Essentially, it is not compulsory that all submissions are set in Ife, but the underlying theme of ‘Ife’ must be felt in the heart of the piece. We accept compelling  and atypical short fiction, non-fiction, book reviews, poetry, photography, art, and conversations.


All submissions must be:
Formatted in 1.5 line spacing

Properly edited for errors (Works dotted with errors will have reduced chances of being selected for publication)
Font 12 Times New Roman
Contain a cover page stating name, mailing address, email address, phone number (with International dialing code, title of piece and word count.
Sent as a Microsoft word doc or docx file attachment. Photography and art may be sent as jpeg files
No submission must be sent in the body of the mail

The title of the mail should be FIRST NAME LAST NAME e.g Akintunde Bello
Where there are multiple submissions, the submissions should have a number after the first name and last name signifying what number of submission it is.
Please send along a bio of no more than 50 words (in third person) in the body of the mail.


Submission window is from July 15th to September 15th. Upon receipt of your submission, you will receive a mail within 72 hours acknowledging receipt. If you do not receive a mail, please do not resend your work, simply send a query to


No responses are given about pieces being accepted for the anthology until the end of October. Only selected works will get responses by the end of October. Other works that may be archived for certain promotional purposes will also get responses at a later date.


Multiple submissions are accepted, however, we aim at publishing as many views and as many names as possible with a wide as possible geographical spread, so while multiple submissions may increase chances of being published in the anthology, not all submissions sent in from one person may be entered in the anthology for purposes of fairness and our limited page capacity.


Please note that we do not accept already work already published elsewhere in print or on the web. All submissions must be previously unpublished. We maintain first copyrights of all works submitted for the first six months after publication of the anthology after which the work may be used elsewhere. We also reserve the right to format the submitted works without altering the content to fit the necessary publishing requirements. Submissions that will be archived and not selected for publication will be done at the instance of the writers and upon their permission.


Must be between 1,500 and 4,500 words
We accept any form from horror to surreal and magical. Any form is acceptable as long as it conforms to the theme and compelling.
Multiple submissions must be sent as individual attachments with individual cover pages
Fiction submissions should be sent to


Must be between 1,500 and 2, 500 words.
Memoirs, essays, travel writings and all forms of creative non-fiction are accepted. News pieces, op-eds, articles, scholarly and academic papers and journalistic writings are not accepted. We want creative and compelling non-fiction.
Multiple submissions must be sent as individual attachments with individual cover pages.
Submissions should be sent to


We are accepting a small number of book reviews so submissions of book reviews must be pitched. Pitches may be no more than 400 words and be sent in the body of the mail to
Response time for pitches is 24 hours. As soon as the pitch is accepted, the reviews may be worked on and submitted. This, however, does not ordinarily mean such review has been selected for publication, but the chances are high.
All book reviews must be sent to the fiction editor to

MayFair Roundabout


Each poem must be no more than two pages long. No more than three poems may be submitted in one document. Each poem title must be indicated above the poem individually as well as on the cover page.
All poetry submissions must be sent as attachment to


We are also open to digital art and photography.  Must be high resolution jpeg files (300 dpi or higher) and not larger than 3MB. Each submission must be properly named and sent as an attachment to


We are not looking for bland interviews, we want active, participatory and lively conversations that inspire, intrigue, and even spark more conversations.
Conversations must not exceed 1, 500 words. All conversations must be first pitched. Pitches must be no more than 400 words and should be sent to

Pitches will be responded to within 24 hours. Upon acceptance, conversations may be conducted and submitted. Publication is not assured by the mere fact that a conversation was pitched, but it increases the chances.

Conversation submissions should be sent to